Aqueon Betta Falls

The betta is one of the most popular tropical fish available to the aquarist. Its popularity is due in large part to its beautiful, flowing fins and tail. Many bettas exhibit brilliant colors that are sometimes the result of selective breeding, and this coloration is another factor driving their popularity with fish keepers. Bettas are […]

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What Is The Best Substrate For Your Aquarium?

The substrate used in your aquarium is an important but often overlooked component in the creation of a healthy aquatic environment. It is the foundation upon which your aquascape will be created. There are numerous substrate options available that will allow the aquarist to create an appealing simulation of the natural environment of the fish […]

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Marineland Aquariums Review

If you are considering purchasing a new aquarium you have number of options. You can buy a tank, filter, lighting system and other necessary accessories separately. Several manufacturers have made your initial selection a little easier by offering complete aquarium kits that include many of the items you need to get started. We will look […]

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Fluval Aquasky LED

Aquarium lighting serves a number of purposes. Lighting can be used simply to enhance the appearance of your tank and show off your fish. If your aquarium will be used to grow live plants, then the type of lighting chosen becomes more important. The Fluval Aquasky LED lighting system is designed to promote aquatic plant […]

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EcoComplete Substrate

Your aquarium’s substrate is the foundation on which your aquascape is built. Choosing the wrong substrate can make it hard or impossible to create the environment you desire. EcoComplete Substrate is manufactured by CaribSea with the goal of making your tank more easy to manage by adding nutrients and minerals to your substrate. EcoComplete comes […]

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AI Prime HD Aquarium LED Light

Lighting is a very important aspect of aquarium keeping. There are many lighting options available to the aquarist that can perform varied functions. Choosing the correct lighting can be challenging. You may plan to use your lighting to enhance the tank’s appearance by highlighting the colors of the fish and decor. In other cases your […]

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